It's time for a change

For things to change, you have to change
— Jim Rohn

New website for a new year

One of the things that I learned from one of biggest mentors and role models in life was that for things to change, you have to change. Even though I never got to meet my mentor, the change he made on my quality of life was still as tremendous. It’s amazing how words can have such a powerful effect on people that you have never even met… Enough rambling.

Welcome everyone to my new website, I felt that my website was in needed of a well deserved change and update. I have now switched my website creator, which is going to allow me some more freedom to create more content and changes to the website to always make it better. This will now be my main website and where you can find all of my programs.


What about

The website will still be live and used to access all the programs. But if you want to purchase new programs it will be done through I hope it won’t be too confusing for you.. ;) To find your programs you will simply press the ‘‘Member’’ button in the navigation and you will be directed to the member section where you access all of the programs. You can also find a new testimonial page where I will post all of the progress from all my students and clients! Send me an e-mail if you want to send in your testimonial.

My goal is going to be to be active on this blog atleast once a week and provide some more useful content for everyone. I will be posting updates, and all things gymnatics strength training here. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter too, if you want be notified of all future sales and such.

If you are a current member and want to be apart of my brand new ‘‘testimonials’’ page, where I post the progress of all of my students. Simply send me an e-mail to with your video/testimonial and I will review it and then post it to the website. Thanks for checking in and being apart of the community. Talk later!