Middle Split Program

Middle Split Program

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What will you learn from the program?

  • Learn the middle split/side split

  • Improve your pancake stretch

  • Increase adductor flexibility.           

  • Improve hamstring flexibility

  • Improve your leg strength/stability

  • Develop high level flexibility

  • Improve straddle skills

  • Develop great mobility

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The Middle split program is an advanced flexibility program that intends to teach you the impressive middle split. This skill can be very tricky to learn.. But with the right approach and dedication YOU can achieve it. The program is split up in to six different levels that are going to progressively become more difficult as you work your way through the levels!


+ Why get your program?

  • Personal support from me and other program members.
  • Achieve high level flexibility
  • A high quality program for a cheap price.

+ Duration of the program?

  • The duration of the program is determined by your previous experience, how much work you put in etc. It will essentially be different for everyone, depending on the circumstances.

+ Who is this program designed for?

  • The program works well for athletes and people of all levels. It is however specifically designed for someone who has a basic level of flexibility and wants to take it to the next level.

+ What equipment do I need?

  • You don't need any equipment. But it would be great if you had access to some ankle weights and something to elevate your feet.

+ Program requirements?

  • There are ZERO requirements for this program.

+ How long are the workouts?

  • The routines are going to vary both in length and difficulty. Most of the routines will be between 30-45 minutes depending on your rest period and how much time you spend to warm up, stretch, cool down etc.

+ How much stretching?

  • I will give multiple options for how often to stretch using the program. My mimimum recommendation is to perform the routines and stretches 2-3x per week.

+ What are the goals of the program?

  • The goal with the program is to teach you the middle split and help you achieve high levels of flexibility.

+ Can anyone learn the split?

NO. But most people can. If you have a serius injury or are built in a genetically wrong way it can be possible that you can't learn the split. But that is not the case for most people, and still you could always improve drastically!

+ What if I don't like the program?

  • If you are not pleased with the program you can simply use my non hassle 30 day money back guarantee, which makes it easy for you to get a quick refund!

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